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Organic farm with a vision

Heavens Harvest Farm was begun by Ashley and Ethel Howard and their three children in 1994. Their vision was to serve customers with wholesome, organic fruit and vegetables. They resurrected a run-down old farm and carved out a small field from a windy hillside strewn with enormous boulders to plant their first crops. 

From these humble beginnings, many years of hard labor, and God's grace, the farm has grown to cultivate over 100 acres annually and serve thousands of customers every year through our CSA program and our direct-to-store deliveries.


In 1995, the farm was certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers (a certifying agency under USDA authority). We have maintained that certification ever since. 



Heavens Harvest Farm produces a wide variety of USDA-certified organic fruit and vegetables on our farm in beautiful New Braintree. We are very close to the Quabbin Reservoir and have supplied many grocery stores, farmers markets across the region, and our own farm CSA, program over our 25-year history. For the last five years, we have had the privilege of providing organic produce directly to 16 Wholefoods stores spread across Central Massachusetts, Greater Boston, and Connecticut.

As a farm dedicated to the Community Supported Agriculture model of providing food directly from the farm to the consumer, we provide CSA share opportunities year-round. Our summer and fall shares are produced primarily from our soil. To maintain the variety and quality we are known for year-round, we have built relationships with several organic farms and IPM orchards in Western Massachusetts and North Carolina.

We also sell at various farmers' markets during the summer, including Salem, Waltham, and the Tuesday market in Newton.



We are committed to the preservation of all the resources granted to us by our Creator. As such, we will always grow our produce as certified organic, utilizing the best in sustainable practices. This commitment will enable future generations to have access to high-quality produce grown in healthy soil to nourish their whole person. 

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